Ina Ohnmeiss
Atlantic, Iowa 50022

Tel. +1 712-254-6823
E. ina@eagleartandphotography.com

Welcome to Eagle Art & Photography!  My name is Ina Beckett-Ohnmeiss and I'm the owner/artist of this online gallery along with my loving husband Myers Burmeister.
I specialize in Mandala Dot Art and Fluid Pour Painting while Myers is passionate about Photography.  So our story begins....

My painting journey began when a friend asked for my help with a project she found on Pinterest.  She showed me the photo and explained her frustrations and I said I would figure it out. My research began by googling "dot art".  I found there was an overwhelming number of selections from which to choose.  From all the options, one video in particular caught my eye...it was short, detailed and easy to follow.  So I tried his technique and then proceeded to send him an email asking if he had classes and showed him some of the items I had experimented with after watching his video.  His response was as follows "Thank you for sharing your images with me, it looks to me like you are well on your way.  I wish you every fulfillment in your future endeavors with mandala dot painting."  I have not looked back.
Another friend sent me a video on Fluid Pour Painting.  I watched it and gave it a try.  Again, I fell in love with it and decided these are the two forms of painting I would perfect for my art journey.  I continue to research and perfect my process on both styles.  I paint not because it is a job but for the rewards and fulfillment I receive from the process of painting.
My friends and colleagues say I see color differently and my color combinations are usually non traditional colors.  I climb out on the skinny branch and try what feels right to me at the time I'm working on a piece.  I let my creativity flow through me on to the canvas and into my paintings.
So now that you know my story.  Stop by often to see what is new and exciting, read my blog which is posted on Wednesdays each week.  If you have a request please ask and I will be happy to give something new a try!!  So for now, I'm off painting and wishing you sunshine and smiles from across the creative miles......